P.L.A.Y. Instructions

Titano PLAY Overview and Instructions

Titano PLAY is the new and exciting Titano Finance project that gives Titano holders the chance to win big prizes by participating in a simple to play raffle type contest.

Titano holders can enter any amount of Titano tokens into Titano PLAY to compete against other Titano holders.

The contest has attracted the attention of thousands of Titano holders and the amount of prize money and number of winners continues to grow. Here are the features of Titano PLAY:

  • You can enter and track Titano PLAY through the App feature on the Titano Finance website.

  • Each Titano PLAY round lasts 7 days. There is a seven day timer telling you the time left in the round.

  • There are 25 winners each Titano PLAY round.

  • The Titano PLAY prize pool increases as more Titano tokens are entered.

  • There is no limit to the size of the Titano PLAY prize pool.

  • No tokens entered into Titano PLAY are lost. They are returned when you leave Titano PLAY.

  • Participants receive a variable APY on the tokens they enter in Titano PLAY, so everyone wins.

  • You can enter any amount of your Titano tokens into Titano PLAY.

  • Winners cannot win consecutive rounds of Titano PLAY. If you win you must sit out the next round and you can enter the round that follows the next round.

  • Your Titano tokens will not receive the 102,483.58% APY while entered in Titano PLAY. Instead they will receive a variable APY based on the amount of tokens entered in Titano PLAY.

  • If you enter your tokens in Titano PLAY you will be penalized if you take them out before sixteen full days. Penalties are as follows:

  • 30% if you take your tokens out within the first day of entering them in Titano PLAY, which decreases by 1.87% every day until it reaches 0% at the end of the 16 days cycle.

  • The 30% fee is calculated on the entire deposit, if you want to withdraw only a part of it, the fee does not decrease, so you must withdraw the entire amount and redeposit only a part.

If you take your Titano tokens out after sixteen days of entering them in Titano PLAY. you will not be assessed a penalty. P.L.A.Y. Instructions:

  1. Enter Titano PLAY through the APP feature on the Titano Finance website

  2. Simply press the open app button on the top left of the page.

  3. This will take you to the Titano dashboard and you will see a row of buttons on the left side of the page.

  4. The P.L.A.Y. button is the third from the top. Click it.

  5. Once inside Titano P.L.A.Y. you will see this screen with the following information available .

  6. Click the approve button in order to give the necessary permissions to interact with the PLAY Smart Contract.

  7. Choose the amount of tokens you want to enter in Titano PLAY and place that amount in the appropriate text box (You will see your total Titano token balance at the bottom of the page.).

  8. Press the deposit button.

  9. Confirm the transaction with your wallet.

  10. If you wish to claim your rewards, just click the claim button in the dedicated area

  11. Enjoy the passive rewards and try your luck with P.L.A.Y.

Important POINTS regarding Titano PLAY:

  • If you leave your tokens in Titano PLAY you will be automatically entered in any new round.

  • If you remove your tokens from Titano PLAY before the timer has reached zero you will be ineligible to win that Titano PLAY round.

  • You must manually remove your tokens and your rewards from Titano PLAY by hitting the withdraw button.

  • Adding new tokens to Titano PLAY will automatically reset the 16 day timer for all the tokens you have entered.

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