Playing the Titano Lottery gives you a chance to win huge $Titano prizes! It's easy, fair, and you can enter as often as you like as long as you have the $Titano to buy a ticket.


  • Valid lottery token: Titano

  • Lottery ticket cost: $5 in Titano

  • User entry limit: only 500 tickets can be bought in one go

  • Max number of tickets to be purchased at a time: unlimited

  • Duration: Every day (every round will start at 14:00UTC)

  • One lottery ticket gives a user a random 8-digit combination, with each digit between 0-9.

Lottery Ticket Cost & Bulk Purchase Discount

Lottery ticket price is set at the beginning of every round and targets $5. However, this amount may vary with sudden price fluctuations. Our platform allows users to save on expenses by purchasing multiple tickets at once. Check the examples below.

Winning Criteria

The digits on your ticket must match in the correct order to win. Let's consider an example of a lottery draw with two different tickets, A and B.

  • Ticket A: The first three and the last two digits match, but the 4th digit is wrong. It means that this ticket only wins a "Match first 3" prize.

  • Ticket B: Even though the last seven digits match, the first digit is wrong, meaning this ticket does not win a prize.

Prize Fund

The prizes for each lottery round come from two sources:

  • Ticket Purchase: 83% of the total lottery ticket purchase amount are allocated to the prize pool

  • Rollover prizes: if nobody wins in one of the prize brackets, the unclaimed Titano tokens for that bracket will roll over into the next round and will be distributed among the prize pools

100% of the Prize Pool are allocated as depicted in the illustration below:

1 - 4% 2 - 3% 3 - 5% 4 - 7% 5 - 10% 6 - 13% 7 - 16% 8 - 25% Burn - 12% Treasury - 5%

How to Play in Titano Lottery?

Become a lucky participant in a few simple clicks:

  1. Buy tickets for only $5 in Titano each, more tickets - higher chances & your discount as well.

  2. Choose the random digits or enter your lucky numbers.

  3. Wait for the daily draw

  4. Check your Prizes! 🎊

Buying Lottery tickets

‌Buying tickets is easy.

You just need a little Titano though: each ticket costs approximately $5 USD (the exact Titano price is set at the start of the round).

You can choose to either randomize your lottery ticket numbers, or to choose your ticket numbers manually. Choose between the randomized numbers and manual numbers tabs below for a guide to each method.

Viewing your tickets after buying

You can view your tickets after buying them before the round's numbers are drawn.

When the round ends and winning numbers are drawn

‌When the round has ended and the winning numbers are available, you can check your tickets to see if you won.

‌View your winning tickets

‌You can view your winning tickets in the same way you viewed your tickets after buying them.

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