Titano has its own decentralized exchange called SWYCH where you can buy and sell your $Titano.

The major immediate benefits SWYCH to Titano and its token holders are:

DEX Fees: The transaction fees will go to Titano, a portion of which will be burned. They are from the circulating supply. This is deflationary causing upward price pressure. The remainder of the fees collected go to the liquidity pool to cause price stability.

No more token dumps: DEX’s collect fees and ten dump them on the open market. Titano will collect these fees. We will not have to worry about token dumping.

DEX features that will bring lots of revenue to Titano: SWYCH will grow into a full service DEX providing swapping, staking, and farming of a variety of tokens. There will also be a launchpad where we will provide liquidity and potentially funding for the appropriate projects. These features and others, will generate lots of revenue for Titano used for token burns and to fund the LP, RFV, and Treasury.

SWYCH is Secure

Security was a top priority, so SWYCH is a fork of Pancake Swap which has been audited by Certik and safely processes hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions every day with no issues or exploits. You can be sure that SWYCH DEX is safe and secure.

SWYCH is simple to Use SWYCH ha a familiar user interface so that you will immediately know where all of the important features are.

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