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Listing on Swych

SWYCH will burn all the new project tokens collected through fees. That amounts to 50% of all transaction fees collected! This acts as a deflationary measure for their projects to stabilise their token price. It also means they no longer have to worry about their DEX collecting and selling their tokens on the open market. In short, this means less volatility for their project, and massive savings against other DEXs.

New projects joining Swych will be sponsored from press releases to featured articles and interviews in major publications and channels.

The purpose of SWYCH for the projects that will be part of it , will be promote the onboarding of every project through socials and on weekly podcast. With over 80k wallet holders, and more than 125k people on socials, Titano has one of the largest and most active communities in DeFi. We can get the word out on any project that joins SWYCH!

Apply to run a listing of your token

How long will it take to get a response?

We aim to respond to applications within a week, but due to a large number of requests, we’re unable to respond to every single applicant. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks of applying, try reaching out to on Telegram, with the name of your project, your token ticker, and the date you applied.

How can I add my token's logo/icon?

Please add your icon to Trust Wallet’s assets repo:

Someone made a fake copy of my token! Can you block it?

Swych is a DEX so we’re not able to prevent the trading of any BEP-20 token. We recommend ensuring that your token contract is clearly visible and verifiable on your site, and educating your users about how to safely trade your token.

People get an error when trading my token. What can I do?

Check our Troubleshooting page for a list of common errors on the exchange, and how to solve them.

Something else

You can shoot us an email at if the above parts don't cover your questions.

Please don't try to contact us via this email for customer support , that's not what's for and we won't respond: your best option for getting help with the product is via the Telegram or Discord

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